Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Trying To Make Good Use Of The Time

Right, so we're home. Now what?

I was keen on coming home for a whole week because I thought we'd need that much time to get things done- but now we're home I'm wondering what it was I thought we needed to do.  We came up for Miguel's birth and that's all we ever had planned.

Ailz spent the morning with Dot- who was in a goodish mood. I emptied a bookcase- distributing the books around the house- with a view to taking it down to my mother's to hold our purchases. I made a chicken casserole for lunch, using peanut butter to flavour and thicken it- the way Odi does. When Ailz came home we went to Wyndsor's- just up the road to buy footwear. I bought sandals, Ailz bought sandals and slippers.

The heatwave continues, only now there's cloud and sultriness and the occasional downpour.

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