Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Coping With The Heat

This run of hot weather makes me think of the summer of '76. If there's been anything like it in the years between I've forgotten.

Ailz and I were in Rochester yesterday. I'd never walked down the High Street before. There are Dickensian associations everywhere. Here's John Jasper's gatehouse. There's the shop that claims to be Uncle Pumblechook's. Here's the 16th century charitable foundation called The Six Poor Travellers that inspired a collection of Christmas stories. On our way home we stopped at Cobham and had afternoon tea at The Leather Bottle which features in The Pickwick Papers.

We cancelled a meeting with my godmother (my mother's old army pal) which we had booked for this afternoon. No-one fancied a jolly in this heat.
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