Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Of Moles And The Moleman

The moleman came and killed a mole for us. He said he thought there'd be others out there and he was right. My mother- who grudges paying him the asking rate for what he's already done- thinks he should come back and kill the others for free. Her views on labour relations are straight out of the 1930s (when she was a daughter of the big house and people in cloth caps knew how to show respect).

I like the moleman in spite of his sanguinary trade. He's a Geordie. He and I were comparing haircuts. When my mother was trying to screw him out of his wages he turned to me and said -not so sotto voce- "She always bloody does this to me."

This morning I filled three buckets- and could fill more- with soil from the molehills. It'll be good for using with pot plants. I also found some archaeology...

archaeolgy 001
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