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Tony Grist

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Other Bits And Pieces [Jul. 6th, 2013|10:13 am]
Tony Grist
My mother made a circuit of the kitchen garden yesterday using her zimmer frame. We watched from a distance but didn't hover. We figured she could do it- and she did.

The men's semi-finals were worth watching. One of the BBC commentators got my goat by referring to Djokovic/Del Potro as the "hors d'oeuvre" to Murray/Janowitcz. Bah! The world no 1 is nobody's hors d'oeuvre and, besides, Djokovic/Del Potro was by far the better match. I hate how partisan the BBC is. Even McEnroe feels he has to join in and boost our fragile little islander egos.

I took a call in the evening from Cousin Jeremy. He'll be visiting in August (from the States). He and my mother and a person called John whom I've never met are the last survivors of their generation.