Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Caring For Livestock

There's a hose attached to a tap in the vicinity of the rabbit shed. The water pressure isn't great but if I put my thumb over the nozzle I can produce an approximation of a power jet and flush the rabbit droppings out through the sluice holes in the back wall. It's great fun. My mother doesn't like what she thinks this does to her water bill so I choose my times carefully.

I was finishing up yesterday evening, put the hose down, unbent, looked around- and there weren't any rabbits. I stepped outside and saw one  of them lolloping off across the field that slopes down towards the road. I rounded him up with the yard brush, returned him to the shed- and found that the other- who I thought I'd really lost- had been hiding in there all the time.

Because I don't know exactly how or where Rabbit #1 got out, I'll have to let him do it again- only this time I'll be watching
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