Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Rabbit Run

Matthew cobbled together a run for the rabbits. My mother, who pays him £12 an hour, got fractious about how long it was taking. We had a conversation that went a bit like this...

My mother (peevishly): Are you going to see what Matthew is doing?

Me (standing my ground)): No, I'm cooking lunch.

My Mother: But he's spending all this time making a run for your rabbits when he should be cutting my grass. Don't you think you should check?

Me (angry now but trying not to show it):  No.  I'm not going to go and harass him. I don't do that sort of thing. Besides it's raining. He won't be cutting the grass anyway.

At which point- before things could get really unpleasant- we heard the lawn-mower starting up.

The completed run is a splendid piece of improvisation, assembled from oddments of wood and wire and corrugated iron. It'll stop the rabbits from wandering and give them access to a large area of grass, but we won't be able to let them use it unless we're standing guard against predators. Yesterday we saw a fox on the front lawn exiting through the shrubbery with a  baby wild rabbit in its jaws. Also, Matthew tells us, West Kent has a growing population of buzzards.
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