Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Village; Episode VI

Grim? Yes, of course it was. What do you expect of a drama about the Great War?

But not depressing. Depressing is when goodness has its face ground into the mud again and again and again. That didn't happen here.  Foul stuff happened, the characters were tested and some- like poor Joe Middleton- were swept away, some- like John Middleton- paddled furiously and just about managed to keep their heads above water and others- like Grace Middleton and Lady Allingham- came out the far end as stronger, better people.  We ended on a note of emotional closure and reconciliation- all the more satisfying for being so hard-won. Bert Middleton, who is telling us the story, went from being a cheeky monkey to a sensitive, generous, morally aware young man.

I'm glad the BBC are going to be sticking with the project. It's one the most ambitious British drama series ever. Also one of the best.

Here's looking forward to the 1920s.
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