Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Stuart Hall Pleads Guilty

Stuart Hall- the veteran BBC sports commentator- has pleaded guilty to 13 counts of dirty-old-mannery. Unless I've missed something it's the first real result in the current cull of the "C"-listers. Don't get me wrong: I think it's a great thing that this sort of low-level abuse is being punished at last. It puts down a marker. Future celebs may want to check their sense of entitlement before they start messing around with children.

But you've got to ask why it's only the naff and the laughable who are being pursued. To put it succinctly, why Bill Roache and not Bill Wyman? Are certain people too cool to be prosecuted?  It's as if the police sat down and drew up a list of expendable celebs- people the great British public wouldn't mind losing to the prison system.

Something similar has been happening over the years in the investigation of systemic abuse in British care homes .Only people below a certain pay grade have ever been prosecuted.  We know a number of seriously powerful people are implicated- fairly or unfairly- but all of them are still swanning around- unmentioned and unmentionable in the MSM, protected by others of their class, unbothered by the police.  Politicians are only ever outed as child rapists after they're safely dead. It gets to be very frustrating.

Are the "C"-listers being used to divert attention away from the "A"-listers?  One would prefer not to believe it because if' it's true we're talking about collusion and corruption on a breathtaking scale.

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