Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Weather In Oldham

We took Nakisha to the madrassa last night and there were daffodils in bloom on the central reservation of Ashton Road. I was surprised and excited to see them but Nakisha- speaking with the wisdom of experience- said that they'd been there for days. I told her I don't get out much. There was cherry blossom at the roundabout.

Some people have moved into the house three doors down who play strange unIslamic music. I asked Nakisha if she knows who they are and she said she thinks they're Italians because they say "Ciao" a lot. Italians! That's really exotic for round here.

We talked about the bombings in Boston. Ailz had been in a taxi that afternoon and the Pakistani driver said the Muslims will be blamed as a matter of course. He quoted a Koranic text which says if you take one life you kill the whole of mankind.
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