Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Oh, Vienna!

It's very windy this morning- but warm. We had a lie-in- as we sometimes do on Sunday mornings because the neighbours don't wake us up with their alarm clocks and shouting.

I dreamed Cliff Richard was driving his bus on a huge expanse of beach. He had a very young boy with him and a teenager who was acting as chaperon.

John Rentoul has a piece in the Indy pointing out that Thatcher was in continuity with her predecessors. Frank Cottrell Boyce has a piece in The Observer saying she hated Britain. Peter Hitchens has a piece in The Mail saying she wasn't really a conservative because what exactly did she conserve?

I enjoyed part 2 of the first Arne Dahl mystery. I was sorry the best-looking male detective and the only female detective had to wind up in bed together. I thought it was unprofessional of them.

Yesterday evening's Doctor Who was a bit Pertwee-era- featuring Soviet submariners and nukes and a defrosted Ice Warrior. David Warner  had a supporting role as a ditzy old Russian scientist with a thing about Ultravox.

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