Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


My mother's boiler seems to have packed it in completely. My brother-in-law has set her up with electric heaters and suchlike. I rang her last night and she was flustered because the immersion heater wasn't working and she was trying to fix it with a screwdriver. I rang round and my brother-in-law suggested it might work better if she tried switching it on. Happy outcome.

Alice rang. She'd seen a news report about lambs buried in snowdrifts in our area. Ailz checked and it was happening in Castleshaw- which is only a few miles away but several hundred feet higher. Here it snowed overnight- and is snowing quite heavily now- but the air is warm and the snow is thawing on the ground.

I saw a report in the Indy this morning that said the unseasonable weather could continue till the end of April.

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