Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Snowed In

It has been snowing all day. Up until mid-afternoon it was also thawing but then the temperature dropped below freezing and it stopped. Ailz doesn't care to go out in this weather and I have no reason to so we're effectively snowed in.

Alice skyped this us morning. She'd been meaning to go to her mother's in Brum and have her mother and her partner take Ivy off her hands for a bit but she's snowed in too- and J is away from home.  I played the xylophone for Ivy and clapped my hands and sang nursery rhymes and waved Iggle-Piggle in front of the lens and Al said this was almost as good having a baby sitter in. Ivy waved and clapped as if I were there in the room.

The birds deserted the feeders when it was spring but now that it's winter again they're back. I've seen a wren and some great tits and a pair of blackbirds and a dunnock- along with the ever-faithful pigeons and starlings and sparrows.

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