Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Nothing Better To Do With My Time

There's heavy snow in West Yorkshire and heavy snow in North Wales. We're in the middle of those two areas and are getting off lightly. Most of the snow that fell last night and this morning has melted (though I can see it lying on the hills). The wind is still blowing hard and there's snow in the air- with the odd flake making it down to the ground.

Ailz just sang me a snatch of an old song. "You won't know it," she says. But of course I do. "A little mouse with clogs on?- that's Danny Kaye. No wait a minute, Max Bygraves. I was thinking it came from Hans Christian Anderson but that's Denmark and the mouse is old Amsterdam- so no connection there after all."

Now I'm going to look it up.

Well, blow me it's neither of those guys; it's Ronnie Hilton. And there's a video to go with it- a woman dancing with mice on her head. Warning: it's a bit of an earworm.

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