Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Broadchurch: After Three Episodes

It's awfully slow, but that's something I rather like. Slow is how we mostly experience life.

David Tennant's character's macho persona is being held together with sellotape. I assume he's going to fall apart on us before the show's very much older.

Olivia Coleman is one of our very best actors. Simple as. Her relationship with Tennant- so very chalk and cheese ( he is a complete outsider, she is implicated in the community)  is becoming more nuanced. She just invited him to dinner en famille- because it's "what people do". That'll be an evening to remember.

A number of name actors- David Bradley, Pauline Quirke, Arthur Darvill- have been underused thus far. Part of the suspense is waiting for their big moments to arrive.

We're on the Jurassic Coast so when are there going to be fossils?

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