Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Update On Savile And Related Matters

Graham Ovenden- an artist famous for highly sexualized images of prepubescent girls- is being tried in Truro on charges of child abuse. His work has been collected by the Tate and also by former Tory chairman Lord MacAlpine.

Has-been entertainer Dave Lee Travis has been re-arrested by police attached to Operation Yew Tree. It's not entirely clear what the charges are. Further arrests of has-been entertainers are expected to follow.

The investigation into the abuse of care home children at The Elm Guest House continues but arrests are slow in coming- even though a list of suspects (including some famous names) is available online.  For some reason it seems much easier to make life miserable for has-beens like DLT than still-ares like Lord Justaclickaway.

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