Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Best Part Of A Week In Note Form

We've been down in Kent keeping an eye on my mother while my sister and her husband were away.

Thursday: My mother has a great spotted woodpecker come to her bird table. Also nuthatches which are common enough down there but don't make it this far north. Ailz and I drove over to Westerham which is where my granny used to live. Also General Wolfe and Sir Winston Churchill. We have a picture of the old water mill (my mother just gave it us because she's run out of space on her walls)- and we went looking for the original and found its footings. In the evening I started reading Rumer Godden's The River; a wise little book.

Friday: We visited Rochester Cathedral. It's modest as cathedrals go but I love it for being Romanesque. I spotted a 17th century wall monument to a chap who was resident at Something-or-other House "Also known as Satis". I imagined Dickens reading it and thinking, "I'll have some of that." We had lunch in the cathedral tea rooms. When we came out it was raining heavily.

Saturday. Hall's bookshop in Tunbridge Wells: I used to go there most weekends in my teens. It hasn't changed at all. even the stock looks the same. I came away with a nice modern edition of Villette and early editions of three plays by Christopher Fry. There was hardly anyone in the Pantiles.  I read The Lady's Not for Burning twice- once for the poetry which is considerable and once for the story which isn't.

Sunday. It snowed in the evening. I read A Sleep of Prisoners.

Monday: Jenny and Ian home. We dropped in on them and they gave us brunch.  We drove home through flurries of snow.
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