Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Broadchurch is intended as a British riposte to Scandi-noir. Great sense of place? Check. Superior direction and cinematography? Check. Top-notch cast? Check. Interesting characters? Erm, not so much. David Tennant's unsociable Detective Inspector with a past is formulaic. Why not give him a sense of humour? A line in conjuring tricks? I dunno- anything to make him stand out from all the other mean, broody, lonely machos who clog up popular fiction? Olivia Colman's mumsy Detective Sergeant is more promising but compare these two with the odd couple from the Bridge and they're nowhere.  I notice Chris Chibnall wrote the script- the guy who does the filler episodes for Dr Who. Sorry, chaps, but writing is everything. You can get  all the other ingredients wonderfully right but if the writing plods the whole thing will.
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