Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Oh good, it's March. I always like it when February is done and dusted.

I saw snowdrops the other day. A whole field full of them- planted along the edge of Ashton Road.

BBC 4 aired a documentary about the Voyager programme last night. I'm moved by the thought of those two funny little spacecraft (with their primitive 1970s computer brains) heading out beyond the reach of the solar wind into what we assume is empty space. They have served us so well. Their next encounter with anything solid (unless some ET mothership gathers them in) will be in 40 (or was it 400?) thousand years time.

The pigeons get bolder. This morning they were waiting for me on the ridge tiles of the shed roof. They took to the air and flapped round my ears, impatient for me to scatter the food and go. 

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