Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Cold Sunday Morning

Still cold. Dot rang to say she didn't want to be taken to church because church will be freezing. We're promised snow flurries- but they've been saying that for days and all we're getting is the odd stray flake. You see it out of the corner of your eye and don't quite believe it so you look for more and there aren't any.

The rabbits are happy; the colder the weather the more active they are. I was tidying up the shed where I store the hay and the bird seed and found mice had nibbled a big hole in the bag of table mix and there was seed all over the floor. The rabbits got in there and huddled in amongst the clutter where they were hard to get at and munched away. I let them.

The Sunday morning headlines name Britain's top Catholic churchman (a notorious gay-basher) as a serial abuser of young priests. Will whoever is in charge stop him from voting in the conclave? Information (or is it misinformation?) seeping out of the Vatican suggests the back-story to the Pope's resignation involves paedophile sex rings, blackmail and money laundering. Also in the news is the allegation that Oscar Pistorius beat Reva with a cricket bat before shooting her. Is it my jaundiced, elderly imagination or are the scandals- in church, state, finance, professional sport (you name it, it's rotten)- coming at us even faster than usual? 

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