Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Fiddling While Waiting For Someone To Set Fire To Rome

Now the Lib Dems- not for the first time- have a sex scandal all to themselves. Lord Rennard- who looks like a guy who expects to have his cake and eat it- is being accused of being a sex pest. Nick Clegg's office was informed and- gosh- nothing was done about it. I'm sure Nick has an explanation- like nobody told him or something...

The Tories will be glad. A scandal chez Clegg may shield them a little from the fall-out over the quite enormous sex-scandal that is blow up soon.  Talking of which, I sort of remember sharing a platform once with Geoffrey Dickens- who presented evidence of this very same sex scandal to Leon Brittan back in the 80s. Brittan was very encouraging and the file disappeared into the bowels of the Home Office never to be heard of again. Dickens was caricatured in the contemporary media as a foolish fat man. I found him bonhomous. It appears now he may also have been rather brave.  Apparently he received death threats- as one does when one gets too close to the peccadilloes of the powerful.

I once shared a platform with Cyril Smith too. As a vicar one does these things. He was enormous.
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