Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Return Of Winter, Jane Eyre, The Tokyo Marathon

The temperature has dropped again. I went to post a letter yesterday afternoon and there were stray, gritty, isolated little snowflakes wandering around. The colder weather brings the birds back to the feeders.

I started Jane Eyre last night. This is for the first time of reading.  I'm sort of glad I avoided it at school; it means it wasn't spoiled for me. Bronte is wonderful. She understands how bullying works- how the strong demonize the weak- and how- when the pack is in full cry- even its individually decent members will follow my leader and join in the abuse.

Our daughter-in-law Su Young is running in the Tokyo Marathon tomorrow. She and Mike were out today buying stuff she'll need- like a new pair of socks and a hat.

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