Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Burying Richard

Royal tombs have ceased to be showy.  The last British royals to get a raised catafalque with recumbent effigies were George V and Queen Mary. George VI and Queen Elizabeth have a plain slab- flush to the floor- with nothing on it but their names and dates. This is in accord with modern taste. I think it's unlikely the present Queen will get anything grander.

The Richard III Society have released a design for Richard's tomb. It's a marble chest with heraldic doodads and brass inlay- a conservative compromise between medieval splendour and modern simplicity. I don't hate it but I'd rather it was one thing or the other. Lets give the commission to a mad artist and then cross our fingers and hold our breath or do as we'd do for a modern royal.
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