Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Bric-a-brac, Bargains, Buddhism, Bombs. Also Neighbouring And Snow

Dot thought the thing that goes cuckoo in the middle of the night might be in one of two suitcases in the loft so I hauled them down. The first contained a number of smaller suitcases. The other was full of the kind of things you keep for reasons of conscience but don't want to put on display because they're crap- including a bunch of silver-plated objects (made in China) that had been handed out as gifties at Masonic dinners. We were ruthless. Dot got to keep the the stuff of genuine sentimental value but everything else- including all the masonic gifties- are going to the charity shop. We didn't find the cuckoo.

Ailz got an access of energy late afternoon and suggested we went to the supermarket. We arrived as they were cutting prices on perishables and got a lot of bargains. We came home to a call from Sam saying she'd got held up at work and would we take Nakisha to her madrassa. Later Nakisha and Zaim came round with a box of chocs.

Researching dukkha led me to the Four Noble Truths. A dude in a deer park tells a bunch of other dudes to chill out and over time (actually not very long at all) this becomes a reason for dudes who really don't get it to dress up in special clothes and live in special houses and have everybody else bow down to them. 

I dreamed I was having a holiday on an island. One of the people with me had a baby which cried when I held it. There was a town on a river estuary. I stood on the shore and watched nuclear bombs explode- soundlessly- on the mainland. It sounds grimmer in the telling than it was in the dreaming.

And now it's snowing.
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