Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Father Brown For The Third Time

Spot the mistakes. I reckon there are at least seven in this sequence- ranging from subtle misunderstandings of the cultural ethos to full-blown doctrinal howlers. 

Father Brown is sacked (in the street) by his bishop- apparently for disobedience.  He is expected to vacate his parish at once.  He returns to the presbytery, takes off his collar and says he'll miss being in Holy Orders. The housekeeper- a young, leggy blonde- consoles him with a fish dinner. "But it's not Friday," he says. "Does that matter any more?" she asks.The following day the Bishop reinstates him after receiving a ticking off from the Cardinal Archbishop but warns him not to make "any more mistakes in the liturgy".

Wouldn't you expect a team making a TV show about a Catholic priest to have someone on board who understands Catholicism?
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