Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Out Into The Big White World

I saw a gritter going down our street a couple of days ago but it didn't leave any grit behind. In the past it would have done. Is this a sign of austerity measures beginning to bite?

I shared this thought with the postmaster. He wasn't having any of it. "No," he said. "They've got plenty of money. Look at all the drunks they're sending on foreign holidays." 

I saw this chap in a neighbour's front yard.


I had to venture out. The rabbits were running short of Wagg's Bunny Brunch. There's a layer of soft crunchy snow over a layer of ice and you have to be careful- especially in places where the crunchy stuff has been kicked away or trodden down into the ice- outside our front gate for example. The postmaster and I were agreed that there's a fortune to be out made out of a machine for clearing pavements. "You design it," he said. "And I'll drive it."
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