Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Slow Morning But Plenty Going On

We still haven't had a great deal of snow but the temperature's well below freezing so what we've got we're keeping. The world goes quiet when there's snow about.

It's good weather for bird-watching. Is that a thrush I see picking its way across the flower-bed? Out with the field glasses. And- yes- it is. Brilliant! I haven't seen one of those in our yard for ages. 

One of the rabbits is eating the bird food

Ailz bought me a book of Times crosswords. They're tougher than the Telegraph crosswords I'm used to, but I'm managing...

Alice Skyped at breakfast time. I blew soap bubbles for Ivy and I think she noticed. I used to think video phones would be hell and I was wrong. A Skype is (almost) as good as a visit.

I acquired a smoking cap by this morning's post. Smoking caps are cool.

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