Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

In Which We Acquire Three Dark Green Things

Our satnav is defunct so I got us to our destination the old fashioned way using maps. I like using maps.  Ailz says she'd like to replace the satnav and I say, "Why?"

The aspidistra people live in a rambly Victorian house filled to the rafters with antiquated stuff. There is a print after Magritte over the fireplace.  I saw some pewter tea things on a dresser and thought "Tudric" but it wasn't a social call so I didn't like to ask. The husband said they'd been made redundant and were decluttering. He has a beard and she has a central parting so I have them down as having been hippies in their youth and afterwards local government officers. She had divided her 50 year old aspidistra in four parts and we came away with two of them. Also an amaryllis. 

He asked Ailz how she could possibly have managed to kill an aspidistra and she blamed the rabbit.

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