Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Things Mike And I Talk About On Skype

Mike says he likes the Hobbit movie better than the Lord of the Rings movies because Bilbo is a proper character and Frodo is just a suffering cypher. I say that's how Tolkien wrote them. He says the only character that hooks him in Lord of the Rings is Boromir because he's conflicted and- besides- Sean Bean is a good actor. I say Bean was great as the butch trans-sexual in the Jimmy McGovern TV play last year; also as the bad guy in Red Riding. When that first came out, I say, I thought it was extreme and overblown but now, what with everything we've been learning about elite paedophile rings, I suspect it's only reflecting the truth. He says he has it recorded from when it first aired and he's been putting off watching it. If he watches it  he'll do it on his own because Su-Young doesn't dig dark stuff. They watch Branagh's Wallander together and she'll say things like- "Why doesn't he get out of that armchair and go to bed?" I say the TV series darkens up the books- sidelining themes like Wallander's troubled but ultimately cheering relationships with his father and daughter and the on-off girlfriend in Riga. He says...
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