Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Shot In The Arm

I do believe this last difficult time in the history of LJ has been good for it- as difficult times so often are. We'd grown torpid, content with what we had. Now, under threat of extinction, we've remembered our beginnings and why we came here in the first place and have started friending again.  I checked my info page just now and found that two people had friended me out of the blue. I've friended them right back. Two new friendings in a single day- that hasn't happened to me in years!  Suddenly the place feels lively again. 

LJ is a site like no other: an international site, a place where some serious blogging gets done, the online home to numbers of considerable writers, artists and photographers- but also a community where people not only talk to one another but maintain relationships of genuine warmth. If we lose it we lose something unique.
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