Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


I thought the first name would be guessed pretty quickly, but not the surname. So well done, cataptromancer for getting it in one!

Google "Tony Grist" for my footprints in cyberspace. I'm not the Tony Grist who works for the Hassell Group and I'm not the one who runs the Blondie fanclub in Shoreham, but I'm most of the others.

Grist is an uncommon name, but it seems to be spread pretty evenly across the English speaking world. The most famous of us is the opera singer Reri Grist- who "has a bright, high, beautiful, clear, bouncing and charming voice, all based on a flow of gentle spirit."

I've never Googled her before. My, isn't she beautiful! I do hope we're related.

I know very little about my family history. I was down at my mother's a few months back and she brought out a box of photographs belonging to my paternal grandfather. It contained images of relatives I never knew I had. When I was a small boy I tackled Grandpa about his ancestry and he sighed and said something like, "let's not go into all that."

Dark secrets, don't you just love 'em!

He became an engineer and my dad was an engineer too. My mother was/is Quaker aristocracy. We own a portrait of an early 19th century ancestor reading a copy of a paper entitled Peace News. I'm very proud of this connection.

And me? Hmm. This is where it stops being fun; lets get it over with quickly.
FirstIwasaviacrandthenIwasawitchandI'vegotthreekidsandI'mmarriedtoAilzandI'vewrittenonepublishedbook(co-authored)andfourunpublishednovelsandlotsofpoems. Phew- and that's it really.

I guess I might as well put my name on my info page.

But I'm not sacking Poliphilo. I like the little guy. He's my alter ego. My bright side. He expresses something about me that my real name doesn't and can't.
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