Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Passing The Time

LJ seems a little sleepy this morning, but that's all. It's gone a number of rounds with the bad guys and it's still on its feet. I want to extend my thanks to the backroom boys (if this were a British film of the 1950s they'd be called Boffins) who are fighting this war while we sleep.

I went for a lie down yesterday afternoon; the sky was a pale grey. I opened my eyes; the sky was a cloudy yellow. I opened them again and the sky had turned dark blue so I got up. I'd been prone for three hours which is three times longer than I usually manage.

I got up in the night to fix a cup of tea to stop the coughing and caught the end of an old Bob Mitchum movie. Some crims had stolen a wodge of money from the US Army and Bob felt the need to get it back for them. In '49 the Army were still the good guys.  If this movie had been made 20 years later Bob would have been masterminding the heist, talking about making love not war and openly puffing on the toke his real life '49 self had been busted for possessing.
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