Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Lows

It was a bright, clear, fresh morning, but between my popping into the Glodwick Health Centre to pick up a prescription and my popping out again it had clouded over. I had meant to go up the Lows and take some photographs, but....

I sulked a bit. Ailz said I was depressing her, so we went up the Lows anyway but couldn't find a way to get the wheelchair off the road and onto the hillside. I leaned over the fence dividing Jinnah Close from open country and snapped away in the gloom.

The Lows are not low. They're an outcrop that was once upon a time the bottom of a shallow Carboniferous sea. The black shale is full of dinky little fossils- mussels and worms and indeterminate floaty stuff. I have a pile of it on my window ledge. If I peer at it closely I can make out shapes.

On the way back I took a photo of the building that used to house The Oldham East Co-operative Society. It has this elegant art nouveau lettering above the door.

We got home and up-loaded the pix, but there was nothing good enough to post. Eheu! I'll have to go back sometime and try again.

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