Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Fooling The People

According to a poll in the Telegraph nearly two thirds of British people think Lord M is right to be suing Sally B. I shouldn't be surprised. Media coverage of the story has been completely one-sided. He has been sold to us as a suffering saint and she as an uppity bitch- with hardly a dissenting voice. It's only on the Internet you'll find people saying, "Hang on a minute." 

People really do believe what they read in the papers, don't they? 


Or, at least, older people do. The young are both more sceptical (or less likely to read print media) and more committed to the idea of free speech. Support for the old Machiavel is highest among people over 65 (83%) and lowest (falling below 50%) among young adults- so there's some hope for the future after all. 
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