Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Miscellaneous Bits And Pieces

We had a little snow yesterday- a brief fluttery flurry- but it didn't settle. Afterwards there was rain. Right now- that is to say at ten thirty in the morning- the sun is shining. 

Alice Skyped us at breakfast time with Ivy on her knee. Ivy had her tongue sticking out all through the call- almost certainly because she was enjoying the novel sensation of her FIRST TOOTH. Alice wanted to tell us that her mother and partner and Joe and Vicky will/may be there when we drop by the house on Christmas Eve- which'll be jolly. Skype is a wonderful boon for grandparents who live at a distance from their grandchildren.

I am very happy about Alistair Cook's 23rd Test century. What a pity he fell just short of making it a double. The arrest of Max Clifford suggests the Met are serious about investigating historic charges of sex abuse. Clifford is a powerful man (or would like us to think he is) and a more formidable proposition than the light entertainment codgers who have been collared thus far.  On the other hand it remains a scandal that no politician has yet been required to answer questions. 

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