Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Maintaining A Bipedal Stance...

I did my back in yesterday. I was sitting at my desk doing nothing in particular and just felt it go. This happens sometimes but I can't think it's ever happened before with so little provocation. Really, we should never have adopted a bipedal stance. We're not built for it. A bipedal stance is for the birds. 

Talking about birds, I was reading the other day that T Rex's nearest surviving relative is the domestic chicken. Really? Of all the birds in all the world? I think they're just saying that for effect. Still, I'd love it to be true.

And on the broader subject of livestock, my mother got offered a sheepdog yesterday. The woman who keeps sheep in the field my mother owns has a superannuated one she wants rid of. My mother loves dogs but she's not up to talking them for walkies any more so she said "no". 
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