Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Digging The Hole A Little Deeper

Something I read on the Net the other day: an elderly military man arrested for cottaging in the good old days wistfully explained to the policeman who was feeling his collar, "It begins at school, you know..."

Which sort of backs up- albeit in an anecdotal manner-  the point I was making the other day which caused wemyss to blow his top.

The British establishment is largely staffed with chaps who went through the public school system. Hence institutionalized misogyny and pederasty. If you deny there's a link you're effectively saying that education counts for nothing. 

I have visited the House of Commons. It took me straight back to my schooldays. Dreary neo-gothic architecture, high ceilings, long corridors smelling of farts and cabbage. A person passing from Eton (say) to the mother of parliaments by way of a Cambridge college would notice hardly any change in the ambient scenery.

The prefects at my old school (not all of them, of course) were corrupt, in love with their own privilege and crazy for hot boy sex. Are we to suppose they dropped all that as soon as they moved into the greater world?

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