Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

An Inquiry Into Yesterday's Elections

The average turn-out in yesterday's elections was 14%. Now they're holding an inquiry (which will waste yet more money) to find out what went wrong. Actually they can put that on hold because I can tell them. Right now. Gratis.

These are the reasons the elections were such an embarrassment:

1. Nobody wanted police commissioners in the first place.
2. The government failed- in fact didn't even try- to make its case.
3. There was no campaigning.
4. The candidates were the greyest and dustiest of party hacks- with the single exception of Lord Prescott and he lost because everybody despises New Labour and thank goodness for that.

There, that's my report. On second thoughts I'd like paying for it. I'll take a tenner...

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