Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


This morning's Guardian says Lord McAlpine has been mistakenly accused- which is a cunning way of getting his name out into the open without drawing a writ. More precisely it suggests the abuser was another (deceased) member of the McAlpine family. Well, we'll see...

Channel 4 News devoted about three quarters of its length to a report they called "The past on trial"- which was mostly about Bryn Estyn. 

We know the names that were on Philip Schofield's piece of paper. He got them off the Net- as any of us can. I've dug around and in most instances the allegations have no solid evidence to back them up. Which means the Prime Minister was right to respond as he did- and yet not right because this matter is not about the reputations of great men but about the systematic abuse of vulnerable children. If rumour has run wild it's because the truth has been suppressed. One little detail from the Channel 4 report: polaroid  photos of the abuse at Bryn Estyn were seen by the investigators then destroyed by order of the court. There was a cover-up-  not only in North Wales but in many similar cases across the country- and child abusers have got away with their crimes- not only unpunished but uninvestigated- because of their status and connections. Until we know exactly what was going on- and who the child rapists are- we're going to carry on guessing.

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