Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Plate Sin With Gold...

Is a secret still a secret if it's all over the Internet?

This situation arose last year with Ryan Giggs. There was one of those ridiculous super-injunctions slapped on his case, but everybody knew the story-  and the newspapers kept printing broader and broader hints until eventually it became impossible to carry on with the charade. 

Is the same going to happen with the Top Tory Child Abuser?

His name's out there. Everybody who cares about the issue knows it. What purpose does his injunction serve- apart, that is, from reminding us that Money can buy the Law and silence our supposedly free press?

I wonder what the social etiquette is? If one were to meet him in public would it be polite or libellous to commiserate with him over his little problem with the media? 
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