Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Even Ringo is cooler than Bob

Talking to Judy about the Beatles. They're so much better than everything else from that era. They're still fresh. When I was a kid it was a question whether Dylan or the Beatles were cooler. Well, I reckon time has sorted that one out. Dylan's artiness sounds pretentious and lazy now (Jeez, but he could write badly) whereas Lennon's artiness is always undercut by that self-mocking Scouse wit.

And Dylan has just lent his ineffable presence to a lingerie ad. He always said he wouldn't. Damn him! Has Macca ever let his image or music be used in advertising? I think not. So in the long run Macca, with his dogs and his kids and his laughable "poetry", turns out to have more integrity than his Bobness. I don't think we should be surprised.
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