Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

No, He Can't Have Meant Mountbatten: Mountbatten Was Into Boys...

I thought the most interesting line in the Panorama programme about Savile was Meirion Jones' description of the girls approved school Duncroft Hall as a place much frequented by celebrities and "minor royalty". I'd love to know who he was talking about. Will any mainstream news outfit follow this up? I wonder....

Over the last few days I've been honing my indignation on a book about the Illuminati and related topics. While I don't find it necessary to believe the global elite are all black magicians and lizard spawn I do think they routinely get away with murder (and not always figuratively.)  If the only people who get trashed in the aftermath of the Savile affair are a few elderly comics and DJs I'll be very disappointed but not greatly surprised. 
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