Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

What I'm Reading (And Not Reading)

Since I abandoned The Satanic Verses part way through I've also abandoned In The Shape of a Boar and The Black Book. I was thinking this was because I've grown blase about not finishing novels (ars longa, vita brevis) but then realized it's also because I've been choosing to read outside my comfort zone.  The Black Book taught me a lot about Turkey- ancient and modern- and was a chore from beginning to (near the) end. It's odd how you can become a revered- even classic- novelist and not know (or care) about story-telling. 

The books I have managed to finish in the past week or two have all been by Henning Mankell. I suppose I identify with Wallander. Last night's nasty episode-when I lay awake and fretted about growing old and lonely and helpless- may well have had something to do with him. 
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