Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Questions Arising

Jimmy Savile always made my skin crawl, but then so do most light entertainment personalities. Hughie Green, Noel Edmonds, Bruce Forsythe, Jonathan Ross, Michael Barrymore, Piers Morgan: who decides that these pushy, charmless men (they're all men with the exception of Cilla Black) are the faces that are going to hog our screens? Do people really like them? Or do they like them because that's all that's on offer? 

When Jimmy Savile was buried people lined the streets like he was a princess or a gangster. Did they come for the show or were they really in mourning? Soldiers carried the coffin: how on earth did that come about?

Savile's grave is topped by a huge vainglorious lump of marble with pictures of his gurning face etched into its shiny surface and some lines of execrable verse. The cemetery authorities have had to mount a guard on it. How long can they afford to keep that up? How soon before someone with a lump hammer or a JCB gets through?
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