Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Richard III

File:Richard III earliest surviving portrait.jpg

hey're scientists so they have to be careful not to leap to conclusions, but they've dug in the place where Richard was known to be buried and found the skeleton of a man with spinal curvature (which means one shoulder would have been higher than the other),  serious trauma to the skull and an arrow between the ribs; who else could it possibly be?


With a gold ring round his helmet,
Fierce as a cornered hog,
The small man braved his enemies,
Unhorsed, down there in the bog,

Till William Gardner, commoner,
With knighthood on his mind,
And a damn big heavy poleaxe
Approached him from behind. 

Then all the saints and angels
To whom we used to pray
Came slithering out of heaven
Like trinkets from a tray.
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