Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Preparing For The Orgy

We set up a production line- Ailz, me, and the bridegroom- and made sandwiches. Ailz buttered the bread, I saw to the fillings, Davin cut the loaded sandwiches into wedges.

The choices are: coronation chicken, prawn mayo, tuna mayo, BLT and BLE (the E stands for egg). 

Davin is a baker.  He's made a lot of the party food himself.

Afterwards Ailz and I impaled strawberries and marsh-mallows on skewers. It seemed like a waste of strawberries to me.

Matt's girlfriend flew in from Germany. He'd prepared for her arrival by setting up a PC for her in his bedroom. 

Ruth gave me a couple of Ikea clothes racks to assemble. Keith scoffed. But I know what I'm doing with Ikea.

The marquees are huge. I was expecting scout tents but these are architecture. They even have windows. Clever Ruth has sold them on to a market gardener for the price she paid for them. He needs them to house his Christmas trees. 

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