Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Stackable Pink Chairs

The back seat of the car is down- and the available space packed to the roof with stackable metal chairs- 18 of them. They have pink covers and I think they've been used in a church because where else would they get candle wax spilled on them? OK- a  BDSM dungeon. Ailz bought them for a fiver on eBay (that's a fiver for all 18) and they're destined for our niece's wedding marquee. I was grudging at first- along the lines of "Why the hell don't you tell me when you're making these ridiculous purchases?" but she told me to fuck off and  I've come round. We picked them up from a premises in the centre of Rochdale- which is currently a labyrinth of closed roads and one way systems owing to the laying of tram lines. We went round the ring road three times before we found a way in. 

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