Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Neighbours, Portland Basin, Wallender

Sam and her family have gone to Pakistan for six weeks. I'll miss them. 

We took Dot to Lidl yesterday afternoon- and then on to the Portland Basin Museum. It has rooms furnished in the quaint and primitive fashions of the early 20th century- the kitchen looked much like those I remember from the 50s- plus shops and a school room and the insides of a chapel with its organ endlessly wheezing out an evangelical tune. The light is low and spooky. Downstairs they have industrial machinery, including an example of the loom Ailz worked at in her brief career as a mill girl. The building was originally a warehouse (built in the 1830s to serve the Ashton canal). Step outside and you're on the wharf, looking at Canada geese and narrow boats. 

Kenneth Branagh's Wallender is two episodes into its third season. Last night he was in Riga having a very hard time. When people talk about American shows being so much better than their British counterparts I think of Wallender and am comforted.

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