Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

City Of Death

On the plus side: Tom Baker (though I find him a bit showy and self-regarding), Lalla Ward, the chemistry between them, her wardrobe, a script that occasionally glitters (something to do with Douglas Adams having a hand in it?) and a brief appearance by John Cleese and Eleanor Bron. 

On the minus side: lengthy sequences of the characters weaving their way through the streets of Paris (look at us, we're on our hols!), 
a silly looking monster, and one seriously disappointing dropped catch: we travel back in time to Leonardo's da Vinci's studio and never get to meet him.  This is the fourth story I've watched in succession (cruising round the continuum, dropping in on different Doctors) and the one I've been most tempted to fast-forward. Golden Age? I'm not convinced.

And now I think I fancy a little Peter Davison.
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