Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A General Round-Up

Normally we shop at Sainsbury's. This week- as a favour to Dot- we went to Morrison's in Dukinfield. They're cheap. I bought a punnet of seven peaches and a bag of seven oranges for £1.00 each. 

It's been raining. And raining.  Other parts of the UK have had floods. The weather people say it's down to the Jet Stream- which normally flies over the Arctic- slipping down south. In the pharmacy the other day we noticed they were selling sun oil half price.

George Osborne and Ed Balls want to turn the banking scandal into a party political point-scoring game- as if we didn't already hold their profession in enough contempt.

The Wimbledon men's semifinals were less exciting than I expected. I wanted Federer to win, but I didn't think he would and certainly not as easily. 
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