Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Stormy Weather

It rained. In other parts of the UK it rained harder. Rail links between England and Scotland were closed by fallen trees and flood water pulling the earth out from under the tracks. I talked to Alice in the evening. She'd had hailstones the size of golf balls and a river running down her street.

It's tempting to link the weather to the latest financial/political scandal. Our ancestors wouldn't have scrupled. They'd have thought it natural that the weather should foreshadow or play along with happenings in the human world. Given the way scandals have been breaking this year it's a wonder we've had any fine days at all.

The latest involves Barclays Bank and the appropriately named Bob Diamond and traders with sobriquets like Big Boy, The Dude and Bollinger Man. (How do people with such shrivelled imaginations end up running things? Is it because smarter, kinder people just don't fancy the gig?) I imagine this scandal links to all the other scandals we've been enjoying. The people involved know one another, admire one another, went to the same schools, attend the same parties, care for nothing but money. The blanket term "these people" includes our useless Prime Minister and his even more useless Chancellor. Are we witnessing the end of civilization as we know it? Probably. Though "civilization" hardly seems the word.

One bright gleam amid the encircling gloom: Rupert Murdoch has said he won't be investing in Britain any more. Asked why by a Fox reporter he replied, "The English". I'm not much of a one for waving the flag of St George, but- just this once- En-ger-land! En-ger-land! En-ger-land!

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